Calendar Format

MAXVS is a visual calendar and a scheduling tool. It allows you to quickly visualize scheduled WOs and assign approved WOs in a familiar calendar format. With the integrated visual calendar, Maximo users can view and schedule W.O. and P.M. in a true calendar format.

Drag & Drop

With a simple ‘drag and drop’, your schedule requires no manual entry for changes. Arrange WOs by the hour, day, or week. Users can assign labor or craft to a WO and add any important event to the visual schedule.

Forecast PMs

Visually understand the scheduling impacts that your Maximo PMs and WOs have.

Assignment Manager

Assign resources with drag & drop – ensuring scheduled equals planned.

Gantt and Task Views

With the Gantt view, users can manage work orders and tasks through a Gantt interface. MAXVS is designed to be easy to use and to make you more efficient with planning, work orders, and preventive maintenance.

Resource Availability

Schedule & see all resource availability by hour, day, week, & month – on 1 screen.

Time View-Labor Availability

MAXVS Time View allows you to view assigned and available labors, input hours, with auto-populate function.



MAXVS has been on the market since 2012. It is trusted by numerous companies that have been using it since day one and continue to expand usage of it. It has a diverse client reach in the industries, from Automotive, Banking, Chemicals & Petroleum, Energy & Utilities, to Healthcare industries.

Functional Details

MAXVS allows you to quickly create assignments in Maximo® or assign workgroups to work orders. Use Drag and Drop to quickly change the planed dates of your work orders. It enables fast and efficient work order statues change and work order planned labor requirements modification. MAXVS offers you the ability to create new work orders directly by specifying Maximo Asset, Location, Job Plans, etc.

What to expect

By using MAXVS, you will ensure an Improved work order assignment and management as well as a labor resource assigning and forecasting. It guarantees data integrity through the use of Maximo business objects' rules and validation. MAXVS acknowledges the importance of assuring data security. It provides you with a controlled environment through the use of Maximo security settings ensuring that your data is safe & secure MAXVS provides you with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use visual interface. It dramatically lowers the learning curve for the Maximo user.

Maintains Security and Business Rules

MAXVS completely uses the Maximo® Business Objects to write to Maximo®. You can rest assured that your custom workflow and business rules are enforced, and that the Maximo® data integrity is always maintained.



With iMaxeam MAXVS, schedulers, supervisors, crew, and technicians have access to user-friendly maintenance management functions that quickly and simply manage WOs, PMs, and work-related events, all within Maximo. MAXVS is easy to maneuver for the end-user. The MAXVS Calendar view is shown when MAXVS is initially launched. WOs appear on Calendar based on set Maximo queries. Similar to other Maximo applications, you are presented with the ability to further filter via QBE control. MAXVS allows you to view the time period quickly. Rescheduling WOs is a simple task by performing drag & drop or move to day action.

Schedule a work order to a Visual Calendar/ To A resource:

MAXVS Resource View with the Schedule WO pop-out feature allows quick scheduling by labor for the week, drag and drop WO labor, crew or craft.

Schedule a work order with resource availability:

MAXVS Calendar View, the Resource Availability and the Schedule WO pop-out features give you a more sophisticated work experience. Before scheduling WO, you need to see the availability of your resources, so you can assign those resources to WOs.

Schedule a work order via Project Management:

MAXVS Gantt View, Resource Availability and the Schedule WO pop-out enables you to see WOs in project management, ensures all the same functionality as the Calendar view.